9/11 Short Stories

Words: 1514
Pages: 7

Chiron said “Ok I gotta’ run, go find your cabin, remember number eleven, make sure you follow the path.”
I was going to ask why I had to go to number eleven exactly, because I just saw a girl leave number five, but when I turned around he was gone. I looked ahead and saw only the dirt road and the sun about to set. I started walking soaking up the fresh air and my surroundings.
Mom would have liked this place I thought. I almost started crying. Maybe I could have saved her. Maybe she could have taken me home and I could live a normal life with other normal kids. I thought. I basically told myself to suck it up, but in a nicer way and just kept walking. Walking for hours it seemed, I could no longer hear the sound of kids, well half-blood
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I said, “No, don’t show me anything till’ you do something cool.”
She said, “Did you bring any weapons?”
I said, “No, I am not going to fight your flower.”
I turned around anyway, and it all happened so fast, but I remember seeing Persephone grabbing a stick and stabbing this giant, man eating flower, it threw her on the ground and died. Then the flower was about to fall over onto Persephone, so I ran grabbed Persephone and raced to the infirmary. On the way I thought of an excuse because I am pretty sure Mr. D would not approve of Persephone and I growing man eating flowers. I ran back down the long road, up the hill, stopped to catch my breath, I talked to Persephone,
“Persephone, wake up! Can you hear me?” She didn’t respond. I was breathing hard when I came in the infirmary, it was empty, except for the man behind the counter. I said with a breath in between each word,
“She was knocked unconscious! Help her!”
The man said,
“Percy, we will worry about her later, you must get out of here, there is something that is looking for you!”
Then I realized then man was Chiron. I said one last thing before I rushed out the white painted double