9/11 Short Stories

Words: 870
Pages: 4

The stench of chemicals hung in air like smoke, as the cleaning lady roamed the hallway. Bob stared at his front door, pleased with his work of skeletons, orange and black lights, spiders, and ghosts. He looked around to find that his neighbors put other creepy critters on their doors too.
Suddenly there was the scream of a man and the lights went out. They flicked back on in a matter of seconds. Martha and Tommy (Bob’s children) came outside and pushed him inside.
As he went inside he found his wife, Julie, cooking on the stove. She turned around and ran to Bob, fright in her eyes.
“What happened?” she asked frantically.
“I don’t know honey, but I’m going to get to the bottom of this.” He went back outside to find all the neighbors huddled in a group talking to one another. His friends Jason and Joe were there. They were all leaning against the wall and looking at the electrical box.
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“Lets hope…” mumbled Jason. Bob looked around and couldn’t find his friend Dan (mostly known as Polar Bear) anywhere. Bob walked around the corner to find footprints leading to a half-opened door. He followed the mysterious trail and looked at the number, which said “Room 269”. He pushed his way inside and found a strange looking bag in the corner. He cautiously made his way over to the bag and unzipped part of it. Suddenly, an arm drooped out. “Eh!” Bob said, taking a few steps back; disgusted by the sight.
As he backed away he stepped on something and looked back to see a creepy clown mask on the floor.
“This looks alot like Dan’s mask….” he said to himself. He took the mask, got out his phone and rushed outside to find someone coming around the corner. It was a policeman. Bob pointed toward the door and yelled to