9/11 Short Stories

Words: 2636
Pages: 11

It was pitch black outside, the wind was howling, and it was a full moon. Layla and her friends James, Cora, and Kate were tired from a long day of hiking. They were just about to head back to Layla’s house when they heard a voice. The voice traveled with the wind as it swooped past Kate sending chills up her body. “Did anybody else just hear something? It it sounded just like a person’s voice” Kate asked. “No, but the temperature seems to be dropping so we should probably pick up the pace before it gets too cold” James explains. So they all walk a little faster as they shiver and their hands start to go numb. At about 11:00 pm the temperature is around 30°F, which is very unusual for it to be that cold in the end of September. “Guys I can barely see where i’m walking and we still have 3 miles to go, do you think we should just stay the night out here? I mean we could try and text Layla’s parents but I doubt there is any cell phone service out here” Cora says concerned. Layla pulls out her phone, “Nope, no service out here. We have some blankets that we used to eat lunch on. We can use those to keep warm, now all we have to do is find a good spot to sleep.” So they all look around for a good place to stay the night. They eventually found some flat land with no tree branches on the ground. They laid on some leaves and covered …show more content…
Everybody make sure that your flashlights have batteries in them and let's go.” Cora says. They all start walking until they come across a wall that says Welcome to the Very Special Halloween Party. To enter the party enter the door below. If you decide you don’t want to attend the party take a right. They all decide to take the door to the party. So, Layla opens the door to see a old rickety staircase that looks like if you take the wrong step, you might just fall through. Below the staircase is no ground, instead it is just a deep tunnel that nobody can see the end to. If you take the wrong step death is certain to