The Day That Guiding The World

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9/11 – The day that rocked the world.

“I love you, bye.” Mary’s voice could be heard coming from the answer phone system. I had just woke up from my deep sleep, my first day off in several months. Never did I know that was going to be the last time I heard my fiances soft voice. I rolled over in my bed and let out a long yawn. I slid up in to a seated position, my back resting against the icy cold head board. I grabbed the remote and flicked the power button, and the screen burst to life. ‘North tower hit.’ My eyes had to double take, was this the north tower I was thinking of? Springing out of bed instantly, I ran to the phone and typed in Mary’s number – No answer. Panic began to overcome me, beads of sweat travelled in little streams down my forehead.
I had never got ready so quick in my twenty seven years of living. Whilst continuously trying Mary’s phone, I ran down the apartment stairs and into the underground garage; sitting there was my other love, my BMW 1 series. I took a picture of Mary out of my wallet and placed it on to the dashboard. She was beautiful – long sleek blonde hair, a smile full of life, amazing, deep green eyes and a figure to die for. She was perfect. Hitting the accelerator, the car leapt forward and raced towards the road with great speed. As day light unfolded infront of me, thick black smoke filled the air, blanketing the city with a feeling of devestation and fear. Even from a far distance, the sudden screams and sounds of sirens could