9 Hungarian Uprising 1956 Essay

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Hungarian Uprising

Lesson starter:
What made the relationship between the USA and the USSR deteriorate in the 1950s and 60s?

Today we will understand the reasons behind the Hungarian

Today we will…
• Understand why there was an antiSoviet uprising in Hungary in 1956
• Examine the Soviet response to the uprising

I can…
• Create possible questions which meet given answers to demonstrate my knowledge


•Stalin installed a puppet government in Hungary in 1945
(Stalin controlled it)
•All opposition was removed. •Soviet propaganda was everywhere.
•However, Hungarian protest groups emerged demanding democracy. •On 25/02/56, Nikita Khrushchev denounced Stalin during a ‘secret speech’ at the Twentieth Party Congress
•De-Stalinization – he would set about eliminating traces of Stalin’s regime e.g.
•(This speech was not made public until
18/03/56 and not in the Soviet Union until 1988).

•Those who heard about the speech thought this might mean countries like
Hungary would be allowed to make their own decisions.

•On 23/10/56, students and workers in Budapest
(Hungarian capital), held a demonstration. • The Communist party leader rejected their demands and the peaceful protest turned into a rebellion.
• Communist dictatorship was overthrown. •Opposition groups unite and support Imre Nagy (ex-PM).
•He announced Hungary

Imre Nagy

•04/11/56 Khrushchev orders
Red Army to take control of
Budapest and put down uprising.