9 Principles Of Marketing

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Unit 3 – Marketing

I am going to produce a marketing strategy for a new product it will include evidence and information of how the strategy is based on the principals of marketing, how I have used primary and secondary resources. I will be analysing the impact of my product on the external environment and they way I am going to analyse the marketing context and an appropriate strategy. To meet my customers needs I will need to develop a coherent mix of strategies.

Cadbury's World

Cadburys have been around since 1824 when john Cadbury opened his first shop, establishing a flourishing dynasty that today provides the world with many of its favourite brands of chocolate.

Cadburys full name is Cadbury's trebo bassit.

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This maybe successful depending if it suits the customers needs.

Primary Research

My primary research is that I am going to create a questionnaire, which I will then ask the members of the public to fill it in and also my family members this will give me results that I need to make my product. So that other people will like my product and by it for there needs. I will also use the results to create graphs and analyse the data given. The data will then go to Cadbury's world so that they can make the product to a certain specification.

Production process will be as follows of how I am going to make my product and the methods in which It will be made. First I will make sure that the factory is a clean and healthy environment for my product to be produced in. The way of making the product would go as follows:
Cocoa Bean




Mass Milk & Sugar

Mix & Evaporate

Cadbury's New Dip

This would be a nice way to create the perfect dip and if anybody was to add anything extra it would be between milk & sugar and Mix & Evaporate.

My primary research will be a questionnaire that I am going to produce for the members of the public to fill out and to take the results to find an acceptable price and size and ways of promotion. My product that I hope to design will have questions in regards to what