911 Aftermath And Subsequent Global Terrorism Essay

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911 Aftermath and Subsequent Global Terrorism.

It was a date that the world, the modern world will forever live to remember. That date was September 11. Actually September 11, 2001 that has now often dubbed 9/11. It was the day that terrorism inflicted the severe blow to United States by using three hijacked planes to carry out three simultaneous attack on United States very own soil. The fact that in this country we have suffered foreign attack cannot be overstated as to acknowledge the fact that this 911 attack was the insemination of terrorist activities. After 9/11 the world has been affected by its aftermath and subsequent global terrorism.
It was this attack on Twin Tower in New York that triggered all other subsequent consequences. It was this attack on Twin Tower that resulted in the request of Osama Bin Laden by the United States Government as being “The most wanted man dead or alive”. In concert with this request for the man hunt and the arrest of Osama, was the initiation of all-out effort by former President G. Bush to lunch a relentless effort to attack President Saddam Hussein of Iraq, based on the presented case to the United States Congress and the United Nature that Iraq has weapon of mass destruction. Although, the investigation teams sent to search Iraq for such destructive weapon did not conclusively stated that they came up with any verifiable weapon of mass destruction, alas if the world can wait now for such conclusive evidence in light of the then recent attack on Twin Tower. Plan of attack has been formulated and coalitions are aligned and prepared for the invasion of Saddam Hussein’s Government. While this campaign was going on, salient terrorist activities are taking place around the world in form of suicide bombers and most often in retaliation against the countries of coalition members.
While the fighting continues in Iraq, another attack was launched against Afghanistan consequential of their harboring the insurgence influencing and abetting the terrorist activities in Iraq. Also, I would like to mention that Libya was another country that its leader by name Gaddafi was invaded and killed, unlike the…