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92-year-old Yoga Master.
It’s blessing that at the age of 92 the lady could still be teaching yoga and enjoying it. She was exposed to yoga at an early age in India when she could see kids doing it on the beach. She was so impressed by what she saw that she decided she could do it, too. No wonder we say today, “If I can do it, you can do it”. I’m deeply impressed by her modesty because the Master Yoga still considers herself a beginner. In fact, teaching is a two –way process as we not only teach, but we learn from our students at the same time. Inspiring your students is great, it’s like sharing a piece of cake, a slice of bread to the tune of the dance, and enjoying the reaction on the faces of those you teach. The questions asked help her to perfect the process, the problems the students have when doing the postures help her realize that we are all different. That is why some postures should be modified to the best of the students’ abilities and possibilities. Our goal is to energize and “recycle the body” irrespective of the age. She inspires every student to keep going because practice makes perfect, and it changes the body, mind, and spirit. The main thing is to breathe in and out properly. Only a person who loves the land, the nature, and everything around her can do it. I admire the lady because she is an accomplished person in marriage, in her career, in dancing tango, salsa, foxtrot and what not. The Benefits of Meditation by Jon Kabat-Zinn
Meditation is very powerfull; it can change the functioning of the cells (the tiny elements of our body) and all the organs of the system. What’s more important it can affect the work of our brain in different situations and the feelings we experience under stress. The main thing is how to react to stress and regulate our emotions (we call it Fight or Fly). According to the discovery, brain is changing its shape, it even becomes thicker. “The real estate of the brain” is responsible for the clarity, wisdom, and our feelings by changing our ideas and actions taken. In the future, we’ll know much more to be able to teach our children how to react to stress so that they can better adjust to the changes in their lives (both positive and negative) and their relationships with nature and others. If we keep our hearts and science open, we can energize our body, heart and, mind to serve the people and not only…