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“98% Human”
“No animals were harmed in the making of this film” This is a phrase you commonly see used in films where animals take part as actors. Animal rights organization PETA advertises a disturbing commercial with an unbelievably lifelike ape persuades you never to use real ones in ads again. The commercials intentions are to raise awareness about the brutality and abuse chimpanzees and apes have to go through that are used in ads and movies, while simultaneously offering an alternate solution.
First, PETA focuses on the dull isolated and confined area the chimpanzee is in. Making you believe the chimp is often alone or secluded. Torn away from their mothers as newborns, these animals are subjected to abusive instruction. They are forced to spend most of their lives in dirty, unsanitary, small cages, robbed of everything that is natural and vital for them to live happy and healthy lives. Social animals that are commonly used in ads and films are primates, elephants, rodents, and wolves are often forced to live alone triggering severe stress, anxiety and even depression for these animals.
Second, the gun symbolizes that even highly intelligent and sensitive animals can go through severe anxiety and depression. Even the best artificial environments for animals can’t be identical to the space, variety, freedom and overall environment that they have in their own real natural habitats. That environment combined with isolation, loneliness, and abuse from the people who are supposed to be caring for them can cause many captive animals to literally lose their minds. When animals are used for entertainment, they are subjected to intense confinement and robbed of occasions to express their natural behavior, which…