A.1. Steak Sauce Case Analysis Essay

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A.1. Steak Sauce Case Analysis
Arnell M. Carmichael
Bellevue University
MBA 652: Marketing Strategy
Professor Adrianne Agulla

Case Recap The authors stated that, “Kraft Foods was the second largest food company in the world and the largest food company in the United States,” (Kerin & Peterson, 2010). A.1. Steak Sauce is a condiment “power house” in the Kraft portfolio that made incomparable profits for the company. Lawry’s, one of Kraft’s long-lasting competitors, endeavors to get a jump on the Holiday weekend (Memorial Day) at Publix to attain the ad and market their new product. Once notified, Kraft must lucidly make calculated decisions (SWOT analysis) as to how they will counteract Lawry’s new launch so they don’t
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Steak sauce has a few alternatives to select between prior to the start of this marketing fiasco. They can respond immediately to match if not beat the promotional package of two for $5 that Lawry’s plans to launch for Memorial Day Weekend. Additionally, they (A.1.) could venture to lower their $4.99 bottles of steak sauce to target the more discount-oriented customer base. If the bottle size is not compromised in comparison with the discounted prices, this marketing protocol just may attract more patrons as they may think to be getting a better deal twofold.
Another alternative that can be utilized is super-aggressive marketing. Specifically, Kraft Foods could utilize two of the four FSIs in the beginning of their marketing phase instead of equally spreading them about throughout the year. Conversely, this would affect third and fourth quarter sales and increase advertising fees if they don’t capture the desired consumer-base in the initial stages of their marketing process. To compete, Kraft could also utilize the Lawry’s technique and host some sort of live