A Biblical View of Science, Technology, and Business: Do Utilitarian’s Agree with These Biblical Views? Essay

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A Biblical View of Science, Technology, and Business:
Do Utilitarian’s Agree with These Biblical Views?
Utilitarianism was originated by Epicurus in ancient Greece and is the doctrine that an action is right as long as it promotes happiness, usefulness, and overall pleasurableness. If the action inflicts pain than it is not seen as right. Many of these ideas adapted well with the all of the modernization and changes that were occurring in the technology, science, and business world during the eighteenth century. Although the idea’s did fit well there was one issue, the new Utilitarian views were clashing with one of the most respected religions teachings; the Bible. There are many differences between the Utilitarian point of view;
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During Audio Program 2A, one professor states that Utilitarian’s have no issue with lying just so long as it is put in the proper context; for example if the Utilitarian felt that if a patient who did not know they were terminally ill would completely fall apart with receiving bad news, than it is ok to lie and act as if nothing is wrong, because they would live the remainder of their life contently and with more a higher likelihood of surviving. Now, with comparing the Bible’s beliefs with the Utilitarian’s beliefs, it is likely that the disciples of the Bible would not agree with the doctor’s choice to lie to the patient. Overall, my knowledge on the history of ethics is so limited that even in writing this paper I had great difficulty. I will state my opinion on both the Bible and Utilitarianism and which view I believe to be the most ethical. Although, I am a Roman Catholic and believe that there is a good, I must say that I agree with the Utilitarian way. My reasoning behind this is that there are times, in society where we need to tell a white lie in order to make things better for someone in the end or in order to reach a goal that is best suited for an entire population opposed to a few people.

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