A Bodybuilding Subculture Essay

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Eng. 1400
Dr. DuBose
The History and Evolution of a Huge Subculture

Many subcultures have derived since the beginning of time. They could be classified through religion, culture, style, outlook on life and many other aspects. The one subculture that has grown tremendously through out time is a very hard one to notice as a subculture opposed to a sport. Its said that bodybuilding started way back in the times of great philosophers like Plato who believed that a man should strive for a balance between mind and body and that there should be harmony between the two. Also Plato believed with out a well-conditioned body the mind would ultimately suffer. Taken into aspect obviously someone perused the great words of a historic
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Many bodybuilders in today’s society claim to be all natural, but every one knows there are those out there that are just to gigantic and inhuman looking to be all natural. So bodybuilders do follow extremely cautious diets and lift hours upon hours a day, but this doesn’t mean they don’t have a little extra enhancement on the side. This doesn’t mean all bodybuilders are drug users though either. Many other things contribute to the reason why modern day bodybuilders have become so much larger. One huge aspect that one really should consider hear is the history behind bodybuilding. If you think, bodybuilders have come so far and have learned most of their techniques through trial and error. Through time bodybuilders have figured out better ways of training and much more effective methods of dieting which also lead to the huge size difference between old school and new school bodybuilders. But this isn’t all that lead to the improvement of bodybuilding. In the early nineteen nineties many bodybuilders started experimenting with all sorts of natural drugs such as every day minerals, vitamins, and proteins. After recording certain affects they realized these natural supplements messed with many growth factors in the body such as the thyroid gland and a whole range of biochemical agents in the body. After realizing this many bodybuilders started using