A Brief Note On A Computer Network And Computer Networks

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1. Packets- a packet is a small piece of data (one unit of binary data) sent over a computer network.
Packet formats generally include a header, the body containing the message data (also known as the payload), and sometimes a footer (also known as the trailer).
The packet header lists the destination of the packet (in IP packets, the destination IP address) and often indicates the length of the message data.
The packet footer contains data that signifies the end of the packet, such as a special sequence of bits known as a magic number.
The receiving device is responsible for re-assembling individual packets into the original message, by stripping off the headers and footers and concatenating packets in the correct sequence.
IP packet sequence numbers are used to put it back together
Packets can take different routes independently
TCP- Transmission Control Protocol
IP- Internet Protocol
VoIP- Voice over IP
WAN- Wide area Network
LAN- local area Network / Intranet - Ethernet- used to connect LAN
HTTP- Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
FTP- File Transfer Protocol

2. Router- Routers are small physical devices that join multiple networks together.
Home networks typically use a wireless or wired Internet Protocol (IP) router. An IP router such as a DSL or cable modem broadband router joins the home's local area network (LAN) to the wide-area network (WAN) of the Internet.
3. ISP- Internet Service Provider
Digital subscriber line, Cablevision, FIOS Fiber Optic, router

4. Internet - The term Internet today refers to the global network of public computers running Internet Protocol.
The Internet is everything