A Brief Note On Becoming Complacency

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Paper 1:
Topic: Complacency

Becoming complacent means being too comfortable with where you are at with your recovery.
This meeting was focused on being too complacant, and the negative impacts from being too comfortable in your recovery.

During the meeting, one NA member mentioned his story in which he was complacent in his recovery from alcohol, and he got behind the wheel again while he was intoxicated and hit a pedistrian and put them in hospital.

After running from the scene, he didnt realize that the police got hit license plate number and shortly after he showed up at his mothers house they located him and arrested him for the 7th time for DWI/hit and run. He mentioned that he was clean for many many years and had become too comfortable with his recovery and felt that he could drink again safely, and look what happened.

Another NA members story that hit me by suprise, was when they sold their body for crack cocaine. I am shocked by this story. Another person at the meeting told me that "many doors lead to the same door". Meaning (to me) that whether the type of meeting I am at is CA/NA/AA they all lead to sobreity.
I need to remember to keep this in my life everyday and when I get tempted; to have my defenses up and be ready to fight for that sobreity I have achieved, and not to give it up. This disease will never let me go.

Another topic worth mentioning is while everyone has a different bottom, everyone also has a different level of complacency when it comes to recovery.
Also addicts/alcholics are predisposed to codepency and enabling.
I have to constantly make sure that I make note of where I am with my recovery and level of comfort with how things are currently.
I have to also make sure to (in my addicted way of thinking) that I do not resort to old ways and become manipulative to myself and others. One that way that was explained to me that I can deal with this, is