A Brief Note On Chia Seeds

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Chia Seeds

1.Situation analysis

For the chia co, social and demographics are the most influential Marco-environmental forces. As a social factor most of the people are concerned about their health and wellness.
Base on Profile of Health, Australia2011-13(ABS, 2011-13),it reports that the prevalence of overweight and obesity has increased in Australia over time, from 61.8% in 2007-2008and
62.8% in 62.8%. It means that the rates of obesity have increase because of unhealthy diets.
From this, it can be seen that people need health food and chia seed can satisfy their want.
Base on AIHW (2012), Australia people spend $ 121.4 billion on health in 2009-10 and the people spend for health has increased from 7.9% to 9.4 in 2012. It mean that more people care about their health and spend more money to buy health product. Also, the chia seed can provide a healthy weight management for obesity. This is a opportunities of chia co.

Moreover, it is has more women are working. Base on Australian Social Trends.2013(ABS
2013)it notes that the proportion of young women employed has increased between 1976
(54%) and 2011(69%). Therefore, the income was increase because more women are working. Also, women were concern their skin care and they will pay more wages for skin care product. Accord to Retail World(2012), it report that skin care value was up 6.5% and volume up 18% in 2011. it mean that it has a bigger market in skin care. Hence, base on
CHIA DERM (2014),it noted that chia seed provide the need of skin and hair. It is also can use to anti-aging and protest the skin. This is a opportunities for chia co.

However, it is have numerous health food in the market. There have a big competitive in the Australia health market.

2.Marketing goal
The chia co increase the sales 10 % in next 5 years.

3.Marketing strategy 3.1 Target customers
The chia seed chooses the working women as target customers because chia seed provide skincare and convenient food for skincare concern and time-poor working women.
Recently, more women have concern their skincare and pay a huge money for it ,base on
Retail World (2012), the skin care value was increase 6,5 and volume up 18% in 2011.
It reflects that skin care market was increase. Therefore, the company can provide chia seeds for them because chia seed contain high Omega-3 which can moist the skin , protest the skin and anti-aging. Also, chia seed can help the women to manage their weight and maintain the slim body. It can attract the working women to purchase chia seeds. Moreover, working women are facing problem about time- poor. Base on Fear.J,
Rogers.Sand Denniss.R(2010), it claim that the full-time worker Become more significant for longer working hours about working 50 hours in one week. Based on this situation, the working woman have not free time to maintain their health such as exercise health diet ,etc. Hence, chia seed can provide convenient health food to them. It is easy to eat chia seed and just eat a tablespoon of chia seed can provide a huge nutrition for a woman in a daily life.

3.2 Value Proposition
The chia co is the best health food for working women because it provide skincare and convenient food for them. For skincare perspective, chia seed have high omega-3 fatty acid than salmon fish and more dietary fiber than flaxseeds.(McManis, S
2008)In those nutrition, omega-3 can help the skin maintain moisture and it contain high antioxidants to avoid oxidization and aging. Dietary fiber can help women to reduce toxins form the body and more easy to absorb the antioxidant. Also, it can help the women to have slim body because chia seed can swell in liquid and become gel-like