A Brief Note On Communication Culture

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Communication Culture
Efford Major

Culture in business can be defined as a set of certain attitudes, beliefs, customs and behaviors. The members of that community teach each other the attained cultural cues for it to be ingrained and accepted as a part of that society. The common elements of culture are social structure, language, religion and communication culture (Bel, 2010).
What is encompassed in communication culture is modern technology, which includes the intrernet, fax machines, telephones, cell phones, personal comouters including tablets which emerged recently. This modern technology has resulted to faster communication between businesses worldwide. The other side of improved communication culture is that, apart from greatly expanding the opportunity for a business’ growth and profitability, it also increases the likelihood of a misstep in communication which results in offending a client or business partner.
Culture in business affects the thinking capacities of people about businesses in the societies they are in. This awareness of cultural differences or attitudes towards businesses helps a person to communicate effectively and with efficiency when associating with people of different cultural attitudes (Splichal, 2011).
Culture has differences in different business organizations, which involves styles of dressing, time which could either be monochromic or polychromic, tolerance for conflict and the assignment of roles based on different gender groups. Cultural diversity has several dimensions which include high-context diversity and the next is low-context diversity.