A Brief Note On Computer Issues And Ideas And Examinations

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Please start your discussion now. This assignment will close soooooon.

Posted by: Gwendolyn Vaughn

Posted on : Wed, Aug 28, 2013

One Shot Time discussions and exams

The discussions and quizzes are open on This Friday and will stay open until July 31, However, if you have already taken the quizzes twice, it will not let you take the test again. If you are busy, ill, or what ever the case may be and missed this opportunity, the tests and discussions will NOT be open again, No Exceptions. Therefore, if you are having computer problems, log in problems, or Blackboard problems, please contact Mr. Pendlenton. Gooooood luck.

Posted by: Gwendolyn Vaughn

Posted on : Thu, Jul 25, 2013


Hi All, This message is to inform all of you on how proud I am of students that are on task. Please continue to compelete your work. Also, this e-mail is to inform some of you on how i am concern of students who are doing some work. Please make sure if you are expecting a passing grade you must complete your work on a passing scale. If you are having computers problems, please contact Mr. Plendton and inform him of your Blackboard problems. My number is posted on the Syllabus and I have spoken to several students, as well as, I have never heard from some of you. Again like I stated earlier, please contact me if you need me by phone.

Posted by: Gwendolyn Vaughn

Posted on : Mon, Jul 22, 2013

Log in ASAP

Please make sure you log in. The valley is asking for NO Shows tomorrow. If you don't log in, you might be taken out of the class. Please check with me 662-759-0057 and check with Mr. Pendlenton 662-254-3114

Posted by: Gwendolyn Vaughn

Posted on : Tue, Jul 9, 2013


Hello All,

Welcome to my Personal and Community Health Class. Please feel free to contact me at anytime regardless of any little problem that you may have.My number is posted on the syllabus. I know the syllabus has the fall on it, but the information is the same . We will be using the guidelines for the spring. I look forward to working with you all.

Important : Please print down all dates for assignments, discussions, and quizzes. It is important that you do