A Brief Note On Dream Land Finland

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Huikun Chen
June 10, 2015

Dream Land Finland
Before I have this Intercultural communication class, I have to admit that sometime I might put the idea “what I think they are” on people who from different countries. But after I watched the movie Crush, I began to think maybe we should not only judge people by their appearances and accents. We should actually know one’s personality and behaviors before we open the mouths. Because we have no idea about his culture or belief, sometime we think they act strangely or impolitely. It is not because they are lacking of education or having mental problems. It is something maybe they born with or they have been influenced or taught in whole lives. We can not discriminate them just because they are different with us. Take My Big Fat Greek Wedding as an example, although Toula and John have different country backgrounds and religions. They finally come together because of contain and understanding. That’s also the reasons that I picked Finland as my final paper topic. Finland people are very nice and willing to help. Because they always come across tourists, they already get in touch with foreigners. And the feedback you always can hear from travelers is “People always make mistakes, but in Finland people prefer forgive than judge.” I considered that people are supposed to understand and learn other culture but no only take yours as the one. And Finns’ great spirit should be advocated to everyone.
In this paper, I’m going introduce Finland’s history, Geography, and transportation. Additionally, I would like to pay more attention on culture stuff and local social. So let’s talk about some basic information about Finland first.
The Republic of Finland (called Suomi in the Finnish language) is one of the world's most progressive and advanced nations. This is in spite of what many would consider to be less than optimal circumstances, including a harsh climate, little variety of natural resources, a very small population and a long history of being dominated by its more powerful neighbors.

The pictures above are the national flag of Finland and emblem. The flag is white. Cross wide blue stripe slant to the left of the flag into four white rectangle. Finland were called by “the country of a thousand lakes”, the blue line symbolizes the lakes, rivers and oceans; another line symbolizes the sky. Finland has one third of the territory in the Arctic Circle. The weather in there is very cold, the white flag symbolizes the snow-covered land. Cross flag represents the close relationship between Finland and other Nordic countries in history. The flag was created in 1890, according to the Finnish poet Charles Tuopei Cornelius’s recommendations. About the emblem. The red background is shield. A lion has a golden crown on the head, holding a sword, and stepping on a machete. Nine white roses dotted around the Lions. Lion symbol of courage and strength of Finnish, nine roses on behalf of nine provinces in Finland's history.
According to geographer Josh Smith from National Geographic Magazine: “A Nordic country, Finland is bordered on the west by Sweden and the Gulf of Bothnia, on the north by Norway, on the east and southeast by Russia, on the south by the Gulf of Finland and on the south-west by the Baltic Sea. The Åland Islands, off the southwestern coast, are under Finnish sovereignty but exercise extensive home rule. Roughly one fourth of the country lies north of the Arctic Circle.”(Smith, 2011) And also because of Finland’s great location, it has become the most poplar travel place since 2010. Lots of people go there in order to see the aurora borealis. Because one of the most remarkable features of Finland is light. When the endless sunshine of summer gives way to dark winter, the Northern Lights appear like magic and lighten up the sky. There is a sentence placed on the Finland travel brochure, I also think it is most attractive sentence that motivates people to have this adventure: “The