A Brief Note On High School Life

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Despite Amy and Andy having their high school life started in the same place, they both end up differently after five years of high school; Amy has changed completely throughout the story and Andy has become a mature adult. Time has the ability to wash a sinful sinner’s soul and also able to turn an angel into Satan. Friend is the biggest factor why they have diverged from close friends into familiar strangers.
Having inappropriate friends has changed Amy from an innocent girl into a vainglorious and immature party girl; while Andy is having less friends and that enforces him to concentrate on his painting and study. Amy and her popular friends have all invited to every party (P11) and ‘carry gossip but never provoke it’. This kind of social life has lead Amy into a vainglorious girl who dates ten guys within a month (P20). In contrast, Andy’s life is more enriched by having less friends and having more time to focus on his art and study. Amy’s absence for summer camp has leave him a plenty of time to complete his art, and won the awards second year in a row. (P15). Andy is able to maintain his straight-A’s while Amy’s grade slipped from A’s to B’s and C’s (P19). At the same time, Amy’s leaving from top-level English class due to poor grades has lead them to further separation (P19). Ultimately Amy’s mock on Andy’s art has finally made him realize that he has lost her, forever (27). As a result, friends that they spending time with will have a great impact on influencing