A Brief Note On Human Resource Planning

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Human Resource Planning
Human resource planning is the process of systematically reviewing HR requirements to ensure that the required number of employees, with the required skills are available when needed. Effective planning must result in the right people, doing the right things in the right place at precisely the right time. It is strongly important that developing and implementing human resource practices will further the strategic goals of the organization. Managers need to plan for “what if” scenarios and identify organizational goals and estimate the number of different employees with the right skills who will be able to support the goals. They must provide the job analysis, which is documenting the important responsibilities, duties, and tasks of each job, as well as the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to perform the jobs. Human resource planning must develop policies and practices that meet local, state, and federal statutes. I will first describe our small size company, which is FSR Motorsports Creations and how they develop their human resource planning. Their strategic plan to finding and hiring the best candidates are carefully selecting potential employees with outstanding personalities which would then lead to great customer service. We need to find candidates who are willing to work with a great number of people, since the company is all about working together and engaging with multiple numbers of customers. We have about 7 employees right now who are working for us and they all have specific specialties. We treat all our employees with respect so that they all have an incentive to work hard to produce high productivity. We empower our employees by trusting them to make the best decisions for our company without having the need to constantly reminding them what they need to do. We constantly cross train our employees so that they will develop different specialties that will allow their aptitude to go into more depth. Having weekly meetings becomes essentially helpful for us because we get to discuss how the company is doing and what we need to do to improve. Our strategic plan that gives our employees an enjoyment of doing their job is by providing them with a great work environment and also providing them with flexible hours to work with. Our key to having great employees is by actually working with one another and discussing our problems so that there would be no conflict arising at any given term. Secondly, I will now talk about our medium sized company which is HRY solutions. Our company is all about human resources and consulting with multiple clients that provides various training programs that will help your organization. Our strategic plan by finding the right candidates to hire is by going to multiple universities and finding students who are in the business field. Recruiting is very important to me because I need to find employees who are deeply passionate about business etiquette. I need to find people who are