A Brief Note On Improving Organization Retention

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Improving Organization Retention
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Improving Organization Retention A healthy and productive work environment is important for any organization. Problems will occur; how the problems are solved will influence an employee’s rate of satisfaction or content in his or her current workplace. At JC’s Casino, these problems seem not to be solved to the overall satisfaction if at all. The workplace is experiencing friction and high stress levels that need to be alleviated quickly. If the problems are not solved in a timely manner, the employees dissatisfaction will escalate, which will create more problems for the organization, such as shortage of staff, bad reputation, and loss in
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The employees are not happy, yet they have no venue to address their concerns. The reason for this is that the human resources director, Tom Sneed, is afraid to come forward with these issues to the owner, who is the stepfather of Joe, the pit bull. Tom needs to look out for everyone but he seems to be the most concerned with himself. He is afraid to confront any of the issues because he is worried about job security for himself. This is another factor of an unhealthy work environment that causes stress for the employees. Additionally, the housekeeping section has problems of their own. Many of the housekeeping staff is always absent. Their absence is because of their dissatisfaction with the organization. However, this hits the organization even harder because other staff of the organization must cover for the absence of the housekeeping staff. Customers are affected because the hotel cannot meet the baseline standards of checking in. Short-staffing, customer complaints, and organizational dysfunction causes even more stress for the employees, which leads to even more dissatisfaction.
Job Satisfaction In the current situation, the employees at JC’s Casino are not satisfied with their job. It may not be the actual job itself, but the negative atmosphere and stress level causes employees to think that they do not like their job. The remaining staff at the organization have to work twice as much than before because