A Brief Note On The Cool Sound Of Pepper Adams

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Seein’ Red – Pepper Adams
Album: The Cool Sound of Pepper Adams (1957)
Pepper Adams - Baritone Sax
Bernard McKinney (Kiane Zawadi) - Euphonium
Hark Jones - Piano
George Duvivier - Bass
Elvin Jones - Drums
The tune starts out with a bari/euphonium duet, then sliding into a Bari solo, then one from the euphonium. A piano solo comes next and the rest of the rhythm section backs off a little, giving the piano some room to solo. Afterwards is a trade-off between the bass and the drums, then the same duet from the beginning of the tune (baritone/euphonium).
I enjoyed this tune because it incorporates solos on a bunch of instruments, so it was cool to compare the elements each of the solos shared and the individual things that each instrument focused on. I also thought it was cool how the tune ended the same way it started.

Park Frederick "Pepper" Adams III
Pepper Adams was an American composer and jazz baritone sax player born on October 8, 1930 in Highland Park, Michigan. In 1943, Adams would work for three hours a day cutting boxes in the mail order room of a jazz specialty record store, and afterwards, he worked as an usher in a theater until midnight before taking a bus home. With his earnings, he bought a used Bundy baritone saxophone that had come in on trade, and soon after adopted it as his main instrument.
Adams died of lung cancer in Brooklyn, New York, on September 10, 1986. Throughout his lifetime, he composed 43 pieces, was the leader on eighteen