A Brief Note On White Attire

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White Attire
From Confederate flags to Hollister branded tees, the clothes at Baldwin Jr. Sr. High are not as distinct in variation; unless you observe the new kids who are more open and expressive in their dress. Fashion is a way to express one’s self without having to monologue someone about your personality and morals. But what do these clothes say about you and what you stand for, the misinterpretations and radical beings of Baldwin.

As seen if walking through the congested hallways, the white population, that is not administration or teachers, wear the Confederate FLAG TEE SHIRTS that are branded with the Dixie outfitter’s logo on the left breast with the Confederate CREST on the back. The confederate flag was a sign for the rebel group from the Civil War, that was in the south. This group advocated slavery and was against Lincoln’s decision to use slaves as a means of avoiding international affairs. (Disclaimer: Abraham Lincoln didn’t free slaves because that was his sole purpose but because he didn’t want to engage in a war that did not lean in his favour.) Now the Confederate flag shirt wearing white kids are the ones that “dip” before football practice and hop in their daddy’s truck, turn on the radio and blast Country music that is sung by other Confederate flag waving, button ups buttoned up the second to the top button, bootcut jeans tucked into their newest boots they got from shooting their first deer, married to their first-cousin, with a new guitar around their neck going to trade it in for a banjo from their cousin who makes moonshine “sanger” in the lot near the field house after practice. The jeans on them are boot cut as well, with contrast stitching along the pockets and hems. The females would also dress like this but would be more heavy set, and would not typically engage in sports, but they would hop on a horse in a heartbeat. That is just one white type, the redneck. TEDNUGENT

Now, there is the “cool” white type. The male usually plays football or baseball, and they wear either a Nike, Under Armour, or any other graphic tee. The graphic tee has something “funny” or sarcastic on it; one kid in the year 2013-2014 wore a shirt that said “SUPER Cracka” and was not punished for it, though the term is racist and supports white supremacy. “Cracka” or Cracker was the name for the white man in the