A Career As A Dental Hygienist

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I became interested in becoming a dental hygienist because i saw its flexible hours and it looks like a job that will continue to grow. I liked the way they would treat me and make me smile. I always wanted to help people and make them happy. In addition, i figured that becoming a dental hygienist was a good idea for me. When seeking a career as a dental hygienist, a person should look at aspects such as one’s responsibilities, necessary skills, work conditions, salary, and its prospects, but even more importantly is to prepare oneself properly by attending Texas State Technical College (TSTC) that will offer the best training possible. A dental hygienist is one who cleans teeth and tries to find ways to keep them healthy. As they clean the …show more content…
They miss out on the fact that there are also negative aspects to every career one goes out there looking for. Some of the negative aspects in becoming a dental hygienist is that there isn’t much variety in the career. While some careers have variety or multiple career paths, a dental hygienist only has one no matter where you go. They also do the same thing every day. It goes from working in a dentist’s office to repeating the same tasks every day. Another negative aspect is that there are unpleasant patients. It can go from bad breathes, swollen gums, to tooth decay. There’s also those patients who don’t like people working with their mouth or have a bad attitude towards you. (1-3)
Becoming a dental hygienist requires more than just dental skills. It requires to be good with people and working in small spaces. It is a good career involving money wage and working conditions. It is also a job that will continue to take place. In becoming a dental hygienist, the positive aspects beat the negative ones. It is a job that has more to look forward than others do. I think becoming a dental hygienist is a good career for me because i like working with people and enjoy making them