A Career As A Tourism Industry In High School

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One thing that has drawn me to the course is that it offers a broad selection of module.

Tourism is an industry that is always changing and diversifying.

Hospitality Industry is one of the fastest-growing industries, whose great variety makes it very interesting area of working. I have never thought about the fascination and the opportunities which this industry offers until the day I started to work as a tourist manager assistant two years ago. It was a summer job which was supposed to fill up my free time and increase my budget.
Every manager needs leadership skills. I think I have gained them by participating in diverse activities. I was one of the students choosen to stage a play for the hundredth anniversary of my primary school. The most difficult task of the organization of the play was to make the children deliver an inspired performance. Eventually I managed to motivate them not only to be good actors but to enjoy acting itself. It produced positive response. The passion I have for foreign languages ensured my successful participation in the English Language Festival of my school. In this way I have improved my organizational and presentation skills. Being a member of both Eco-club-Mathew and Interact club, the aim of which is charity, I have gained a sense of teamspirit.

As a lover of nature the thing I like to do the most is to go hiking and on picnics. I find the nature of England very attractive and I am looking forward to going there and seeing its beauties. Dancing is my hobby too. I have been dancing a modern ballet for five years. This is