A Career In Healthcare Administration

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Health care administration
There are numerous filed that fall into health care but I chose to major in healthcare administration because it’s suitable for me. I chose health care administration because I get to manage a healthcare facility. When I was growing up I had many careers in my mind and pharmacy was one of them. This is when I decided to go to Monroe Technology Center to get my certification in pharmacy. In order to take that class I had to take introduction to healthcare where I learned about different kinds of careers in healthcare, I also had the opportunity to visit different kind of facilities such as, podiatrist, dialysis, senior assistant living, emergency room, and free clinic. My most favorite one was where I went to free
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For example this article Healthcare Administration talks about how a administrator have to act fast in certain situations for instance a patient got terribly injured and the treatment must be given right away but they couldn’t because first they had get the authorization from the workers compensation and the admin was having difficulties getting to his insurance company and the process was really slow and as a admin she had to think and act fast because it was about saving someone’s life. This article gained my knowledge about how can Healthcare administrators have to deal with insurance companies as well as the billing and financing for the people who have hard time paying the medical expense since medical cost are going high and administers have to go through the …show more content…
Provider consolidation is when a physician moves to a hospital setting from a private facility and it cost the double price of medical care. For the past five years cardiologist who work in the hospital have tripled, according to American college of cardiology. (Coverage). For example, "In the Triangle, about 90 percent of cardiologists work for hospitals, which can charge more for procedures than private practices”. In addition, approximately 75 percent of all doctors are expected to be hired by hospitals within two years according stated by a health care recruiting company. In other words provider’s consolidation cost twice as much for a procedure in hospital setting than a private practice. This might affect the patient because they are the one who are getting exposed to these new policies and when it comes to paying their medical expense. For a common echocardiogram procedure, Duke Hospital submitted 4,879 claims to Medicare in 2010, up 68 percent from the year before. Medicare allows $471 for outpatient echocardiograms, more than twice the $200 allowed for those performed in physician offices.”“AHIP spokesperson Robert Zirkelbach was quoted in the article, saying “Prices are increasing, often for no other reason than the sign on the door changed.” (See fig 1). Illustrates the different prices of medical cost for cardiac test and