A Case Study Of A Customer Service Manager

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Dear Customer Service Manager, Please replace the damaged projector and ship the replacement through overnight express at no added cost to me. After researching several options for our power point presentation essentials, we decided to buy from your company because of its consistency with service and the upgrade options package. Your projector system is one of the finest systems our research found. It has helped organize and decrease our business costs by nearly cutting down all travel expenses from our sales representatives. Jane Doe did a superb job setting up the original projector arrangement. Your helpful sales staff guaranteed we ordered all the right wiring, and screens we required to setup the three added units we acquired. In total, we bought five systems for projectors to be set up at several offices at our organization. On April 15, the delivery arrived on time; however, upon further inspection of the product, we found some damage to one of the projectors. The main exterior of the projector was fractured, and the lens was completely shattered. While reviewing the packaging of the box, the problem was how the product was packed. The projector was not firmly packed with enough material to keep it from moving and breaking during its delivery. The air pouches used to hold products in place were flattened and did not shield anything during the shipping process. The bigger and thicker objects in the box moved and destroyed the smaller, more fragile projector. Your establishment goes beyond regular service commitments and continuously uses top name products. The customer service department is very cooperative, and assured me to replace the