A Case Study of Kfc’s Cross-Cultural Marketing in China Essays

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A Case Study of KFC’s Cross-cultural Marketing in China

Summary: In 2007, KFC had opened 2000 outlet stores in china, leaving rival MacDonald’s far behind, achieving high praise from Chinese consumers and defeating challengers again and again. From the perspective of cross-culture, this paper tries to analyze the marketing strategy of the American fast food chain stores in china and give multinational food and beverage companies suggestions.
Key words: KFC, fast food, cross-cultural marketing

1. KFC's success stories and their status in China
In 1987, KFC entered the ancient capital of Beijing, China, which has a long food culture and the world's largest population. KFC opened the first restaurant in at Qianmen of the downtown
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Meanwhile, KFC reiterated that all related products had been sent to the state recognized professional department to conduct a comprehensive test. The test results confirmed that all products were free of Sudan Red component. Consumers can eat safely. KFC's admitting mistakes cooled the temper of consumers, laying the foundation of getting through the crisis. In China, using the evidence of reports of relevant state departments is the most direct and effective way to convince consumers and restore the confidence of consumers.

d. Diverting the attention of consumers to create a calm atmosphere
After holding a press conference to announce that all products are free of Red, KFC quickly claimed the compensation program made to consumers. Being assisted by Hefei consumer’s association and lawyer Sun Weidong, KFC tried to promote mediation with consumers. Meantime, KFC quickly launched public relations campaign around China. In Shijiazhuang, KFC launched the Happy Dolls KFC Cup First Kids Basic Gym TV Competition; in Dalian, KFC launched the" KFC Hamburg eating Competition; KFC promoted the dessert---a new Thai Princess Coconut Tarts around China. KFC quickly moved the attention of consumers through a series of news and its turnover rapidly recovered. In the country where people have a strong sense of collectivism, creating such an atmosphere of calm and the attitude of positively taking social responsibility to a large extent softened the antagonism of