A Case Study on Hammond Hospital Essay examples

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Hammond General Hospital is a 334 bed general hospital located in a Mid-western town of 45000 and serves a countrywide population of approximately 140,000. Recently the board of directors at Hammond awarder the management contract of the Food Service Department to an outside company, Master Host Company. Master Host appointed Dave Smith as director of food service. It must be noted that this is the first time in the hospitals history that someone outside the hospital has been appointed as director of a department.

The Problem:

Hammond General Hospital, especially the food service department wasn’t the best example for management, in fact there is none. There is no organizational hierarchy, a viable job-structure but
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We make no decisions and take no disciplinary actions … … … if we do discipline someone, it is usually overturned.” This comment easily depicts the lack of discipline in the department. Because of no discipline, the situation was on the wane.

➢ No constructive communication among departments: There was no real communications among the departments in Hammond General Hospital and they simply pointed fingers at one another without finding a solution.

➢ Low morale: During that period of time, the department morale was at an all-time low. The staffs were not motivated enough to carry out their duties properly. So, they showed resistance against the management by trying to attempt unionization. The attempt was unsuccessful but it was able to widen the differences between the management and the other staffs. This low morale exerted negative effects on the situation of the Hammond General Hospital.

➢ No motivations and Organizational Goals: The work environment at Hammond General Hospital was as dull as it could get. There were no real motivations behind any workers and thus they had very little job satisfaction. Also as a whole there was no organizational goals or targets.

1. Identify the key aspects of the organizational culture and climate of the food service department.

After studying the history of the food service department of the Hammond General Hospital, we can identify some certain