A Change Of Heart About Animals Analysis

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Dear editor this is my letter and respon about your article “A Change of Heart About Animals.” The writer was arguing about that scientifics and researchers found that animals are more like us than we thought. we should treat animals better and kinde. I disagree. because animals are not like us, we are humans and they are animals. In his article he said that some of the research sponsors are fast food purveyors . Such as McDonald’s, Burger King and KFC. He also said that animals should have rights and we should give them rights like humans. Animals don't feel pain like how us humans do. If animals feel pain they will try to avoid fighting with each other, they fight to the point where they kill each other. The author has some good points …show more content…
The author was not convincing when he said that because pigs don't even know what the toys are to be given toys. There are children in this world who don't have any toys. So when we give pigs toys that means that they are more important than human children. In my opinion I think germanies are stupid, because why would they give pigs toys? Pigs don’t talk and they don’t think. They will waste their money on something that doesn't even worth, because buying toys for pigs is wasting of money. There is people in this world who don't have rights, we should give them rights not the animals. The author wants to ignore human suffering and focus on animals discomfort. There is a lot of people around the world who are suffering and die everyday, because they don't have any rights so why would we give rights to humans and there is people that don't have rights. We should give rights to people and then think about animals. Animals are not like human and for a example when the author said that elephants stand around their dead friends. That means that animals don't think like humans because if they think, the elephants will not stand around their dead friends because they are dead