A Child of Sorrow Essay

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Book Report: "A Child of Sorrow"
Galang, Z. (1921)
(A requirement submitted in English and PLE)
August 22, 2014

I. Author's Background
Zoilo M. Galang He is a Filipino encyclopedist and the first English-language Filipino novelist. He was born in Bacolor, Pampanga on June 27, 1895. He went to school at the Bacolor Elementary School and then went to Manila to study at the Escuela de Derecho, the country's eminent law school where he graduated in 1919. A self-starter, he learned typing and stenography in English and Spanish all by himself. Attracted to the English language, he took special courses at the University of the Philippines in 1925, then went to Columbia University for further studies in literature. He wrote the first
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V. Theme Love It is about the love of Rosa and Lucio. It is about how powerful love can be. It is about how love can be easily destroyed. It is about how you can love each other even if you are separated. It is about how love can last forever.

Sorrow It is about the sorrow of Lucio when he learned that Rosa really loved him, not Oscar. It is about how sorrow can be eternal. It lasts forever because Lucio can not ask forgiveness anymore.

Acceptance It is about the acceptance of Lucio about the fact that Oscar and Rosa are engaged. It is the acceptance of Lucio about the fact that Rosa is out of his reach. It is the acceptance of Rosa that she is Oscar's bride to be. It is about the acceptance of Lucio about the fact that Rosa is no longer for him. It is about the acceptance of Rosa that Lucio is no longer for her, but still loves him.

VI. Motif
The appearance of flowers Various kinds of flowers appear throughout the story.
The repetition of "till death do us part" Rosa and Lucio always say this.
The repetition of "a sleeping dog catches no bone" Camilo David always says this to Lucio.

VII. Symbols
The sampaguita that Rosa gave to Lucio Its color, white, represents purity. "Let this speak our everlasting love."
The ylang-ylang Its color, pinkish red, represents love.

VIII. Personal Reaction I think "A Child of Sorrow" is interesting because it shows how love can be turned into sorrow