A Classic Tale Of David Vs. Goliath

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A classic tale of David vs. Goliath with a twist shows its self in the scene of “The Lord of the Rings” where Gandalf, the wizard, confronts a beast known as Balrog, a monster from hell, on a narrow bridge in the Mines of Moria. Gandalf, trying to protect his followers, thrashes his staff on the bridge, sending Balrog into the fathomless depths. Putting a twist to the epic battle, as the monster falls, one last swish of its whip wraps around Gandalf’s ankle dragging him down as well. The scene shows the use of Pathos, Ethos, and effectiveness, for when the beast takes Gandalf’s life, his followers were left without a leader questioning on what they do next. The use of Pathos is created in the scene as Gandalf stays behind to fend off the hell-baring beast. “You cannot pass,” said Gandalf to the beast as he turns around on the bridge. Frodo shows emotion when he cries, “Gandalf!” as he notices Gandalf is no longer with the group. Since Gandalf was the leading figure, it left them clueless, and without hope. The unity of the group is destroyed. The viewer sees the hope for Gandalf’s life slowly drain from Frodo’s face. The motive of love and selflessness drives Gandalf to risk his life, saving the Companions of the Fellowship of the Ring. Even when Gandalf is hanging for his life, he demands, “Run, you fools.” This proves Gandalf’s relentless love even if it costs him his life. This scene ties back to Christianity, using Gandalf as the Christ-like figure. Where Christ gives his life for the retched sinners, Gandalf give his life protecting the weak. The emotional ties of Gandalf’s followers witnessing the sacrifice of Gandalf, portrays how much he cared for them and their well-being. Gandalf demonstrates his authority to the others as he shielded them from the horrific, demon like creature. As Gandalf exclaims, “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!” he reveals his courage, power, and authority over the demon. His courage is shown through him turning from the group and facing the “Goliath” with his staff. His authority is exerted on Balrog by commanding him to halt. Power is displayed through Gandalf crumbling the bridge as the demon stepped forth. Since Gandalf is the authority, even as he is hanging for his life, he demands the others to run. His followers listen to him because his credibility. Gandalf earned this credibility through the decisions for the group has led them to nothing but success. The effectiveness of the clip portrays to the viewers’ emotional appeal to how Gandalf the Grey gives his life in order to save the others. What he has done makes the audience feel the close relationship loss between him and the others. The tone of the music in the scene is heroic until the whip from Balrog grapples Gandalf. As the battle goes on the music tends to intensify with the rising action of the battle. As