A Comparison Of Lebron James And Kevin Durant

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Every year, the NBA always hands out one of the most prestigious award, the MVP. Lebron James and Kevin Durant are the front liners to win it all this year. Although the real question here is who deserves it more? The one who won four times in the last five years which is Lebron himself or the offensive beast who always comes short on being the number one which is Durant? Of course, these two players have some differences and similarities. There biggest differences are their body build and their respective plays from both ends of the floor, while their biggest similarities are their all-around game and there playing positions. First, one of Lebron and Durant’s biggest differences is their body build. First is Lebron who have a very solid and muscular build. This build gives him his massive athleticism which in return helps him to dominate the basketball world. Moreover, because of athleticism, lots of people describe him as an unstoppable train ready to collide with anyone who is standing in his way. Also, his height and weight are around six feet and eight inches tall and with a pure body weight of two hundred and fifty pounds. With this kind of body, he can easily post up against anyone even if his up against a seven footer weighing more than him. Lastly, Lebron also has a monstrous leaping ability of about forty inches high, almost the same height as a regular car, which he uses to demolished the opposing team. While Lebron uses his ferocious athleticism, Durant uses his long, slim and slender body build to become the most dominant offensive player in the world. Because of his atrocious height together with his long and slender arms, fans and other NBA players branded him as the “Slim Reaper”. Also, Durant is probably if not the most explosive player in the NBA. This explosiveness in return made him and his team one of the top contenders to win it all this year, Moreover, with his rare body build with a height of six feet and ten inches tall and a weight of two hundred and forty pounds make him an unstoppable force in the offense to reckon with. Lastly, he also has a monstrous wingspan at about seven feet and two inches long which rattles and startles his opponents off guard. Also, these are information cited from naturalheightgrowth.com The official measurements of Lebron James on the Dredraft Express Website are:
Rank Pick: 1st in 2003 by Cavaliers (Born 12/30/1984 – was drafted at age 18.5 years old) – Went directly to NBA from high cchool
Height Without Shoes: 6′ 7.25″
Height With Shoes: 6′ 8″
Weight: 245 lb
Wingspan: 7′ 0.25″
Standing Reach: 8′ 10.25″
The official measurements of Kevin Durant on the Dredraft Express Website are:
Rank Pick: 2nd in 2007 draft by SuperSonics (Born 9/29/1988 – was drafted at age 18.75 years old) – Spent 1 year in college
Height Without Shoes: 6′ 9″
Height With Shoes: 6′ 10.25″
Weight: 215 lb
Wingspan: 7′ 4.5″
Standing Reach: 9′ 2″
No Step Vertical: 26″
Maximum Vertical: 33.5″

Second is the difference between their respective plays on both sides of the court. First is Lebron who is one of the most dominant presences in both offense and defense. Although Lebron is also an offensive beast, the part of his game that really stands out is his ability to induce his defensive presence throughout the court by being able to guard all five positions anytime he needs to. Also, this ability of his makes him a very special and talented player since he can easily shut down the best player of the opposing team. Although Lebron was branded as a defensive beast, he never won a defensive player of the year award. Lots of analyst thinks that he got snob for this award several times throughout his career. Having said that, Lebron is still having another fantastic year with stats of 27.1 points per game, 6.9 rebounds per game, 6.4 assist per game, 1.57 steals per game, and 0.34 blocks per game. He also has a very high PIE percentage with 29.4 percent. Second is Durant who is the