A Comparison Of To Kill A Mockingbird And Marigolds

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Crossover Essay In “Marigolds” and To Kill a Mockingbird each character faces the internal conflict of coming to of age. Each character face adversaries the cause them to become enraged and harass their “enemies.” In To Kill a Mockingbird, Jem is consistently provoked by a woman named Mr.Dubose while walking back to his home. She did this by insulting Jem's father, calling him a “Nigger lover” and other insults. Eventually Jem got furious at Mrs.Dubose and ran into her garden he “cut the tops off every camellia Mrs.Dubose ever owner.” (Lee, 137)After this Jem is instructed by his father, Atticus, to go read to Mrs.Dubose every day for one month as an apology. After finishing his punishment, Mrs.Dubose dies in her bed. Jem gets angry and his