Essay on A Confederacy of Dunces, by John Kennedy Toole: Analysis of The Novel

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A Confederacy of Dunces

1. Every character is connected leaving no loose end.
I. Ignatius
i. A modern Don Quixote. ii. Hates modern society. iii. Prefer the middle Ages, obsess with Boethius.
II. Myrna Minkoff "The minx"
i. Have different perspective from Ignatius. ii. Is fascinated with Ignatius. iii. Ignatius and her do things to impress each other even thought they are separated.
III. Irene Reilly
i. Long time widow. ii. Thinks Ignatius is a child. iii. Drink a lot of wine and its constantly drunk.
IV. Santa Battaglia
i. Is Mrs. Reilly's new best friend and aunt of Patrolman Mancuso. ii. She wants to get Ignatius out of the way so she can fix up his mother with a potential new husband Mr.
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He lives with his mother Mrs. Irene Reilly who sees him as a teenager, and pays his bills because he can't function in this society's labor force.
At the beginning we get a description of Ignatius who is going to get arrest while waiting for his mother just for being weird. Patrolman Mancusso tries to arrest Ignatius but who ends up in jail is Claude Robichaux. Because of this Macusso almost gets fired. In the precinct Burma Jones a black man is detain for vagrancy but is led free. On the way home Ignatius and his mother stopped at Night's of Joy, whose owner Lana Lee take advantage of her employers like Darleen and Jones who she pays almost nothing or she will send him to jail. Ignatius and his mother were in a car accident which they have to pay for the damages. This is what changes the story Ignatius finally goes out to get himself a job. Levy's Pants a company going down the drain, owned by Mr. Levy who hates the company and Mrs. Levy who psychoanalyze everyone around her. The company is managed by Mr. Gonzalez and Miss Trixie the only persons who truly cares for the business. Ignatius first job is in this company which he destroys. First he formed a revolt against Mr. Gonzalez that failed after the workers realize how insane this man is. Ignatius is fired but he left behind the worst thing that could happen to the company an insulting letter to one of the customers, this is sure going to ruin