A Crapy Trailer: A Short Story

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alright before i start this happen to my father, and I was 6 at the time so i was off in my own little world, and that would be around 1997, but some background, we used to live in a crapy trailer that is no longer their, but in the pic it would be right next to the shooting rage. but this trailer was fallying apart, to the point i remeber in winter having to put on caots and other cloths before going to bed. my dad worked but did not make enough money to fix the trailer or enough move on. so they toke the route of selling drugs, they sold pot/weed what ever you want to call it, which that was all they said they sold. but it was a ways in the woods, far back, well he would walk into the woods at night to check on his plants, to make sure no …show more content…
well 5 mines go by, or close to it, intell he startes to walk again, and again the voice says "stop stay in the light". at this point hes fid up with it and looks around for a clearing that would keep him in the moon light, which their was a path that led to the train tracks, so he toke that climing up the hill, the path was coverd from woods on both sides and it was not what you would call a very big clearing to call it a path, but just enought for him to squise by. well as soon as he started his clime he started hiring somthing moving in the woods around him, sticks braking and this over burden of oh shit, he pointed the gun right at the noice only to here the voice say, "that will not work". now two things are going through his mind one is how the hell is a 12 gag not going to work, and two what is making that noice, the noice stop but he fuilt like he was being watched inteicely, he bagan to walk again and so did it, he got maybe 8 steps in before it sounded like he got closer and he stoped and pointed again, with the voice saying "it will not work". he just looked at his gun,