A Critical Analysis of a Google; a Net-Enabled E-Business. Essay

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A Critical Analysis of a Google; a net-enabled e-business.

1.0 Abstract 3

2.0 Background of Google 3

3.0 E-Business Model 3

3. 1 Mission 4

3.2 Structure 5

3.3 Processes 5

3.4 Revenues 6

3.5 Legal issues 7

3.6 Technology 7

4.0 Competitive Analysis 8

4.1 SWOT Analysis 8

4. 2 Strengths 8

4.3 Weaknesses 10

4.4 Opportunities 10

4.5 Threats 11

5.0 Google’s Strategy 12

5.1 Diversification 12

5.2 Innovation 13

5.3 Emergent 14

6.0 Conclusion 15

7.0 References 16


This essay will firstly look at a brief overview of Google and its history. It will then use Alt and Zimmerman’s (1991) Generic Elements of Business model to discuss the
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Targeting: the advertisement will always be displayed in context with other information on the search page; this will be determined by the key words chosen by the advertiser and/or sophisticated ‘content analysis algorithms’. Thus making sure that the advert is being viewed by the appropriate target.
Support: Google allows advertisers to sign themselves up online and manage their own accounts or they can have the option of a full service account team who can support and optimise campaigns.
Recent Customers include: Sony, Cisco, Amazon.com, Canon, Disney, Volvo and Xerox.
This powerful business proposition for search advertising has enabled Google to create customer relationships with over 160,000 advertisers globally and generates Google a high advertising revenue growth.
3.4 Revenues
Alt and Zimmerman (1991) suggest that revenues are the ‘bottom line’ of a business model. In 1998 founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin were able to gather an initial investment of one million dollars to create the corporation '' Google. By 1999 Google had been able to secure further funding that included 25 million dollars from two venture capital firms. As mentioned above it costs 5 dollars for a user to create an account; Google shows relevant advertisements with the results of each search requested. Whenever a user clicks on an