Essay A Desi Wedding

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Pakistani Style Wedding We live in a world full of diverse cultures and religions all living together. We all have a diverse way of celebrating a special day; one of the most important of these celebration is the day when two individuals join their lives in front of their dear ones. Thanks to the technology and the diversity of the world that we live in we are aware that every culture has their own way of celebrating this special day. In Pakistani culture the wedding preparations start from the day when a couple gets engaged. But the actual fun starts a week or two before the actual wedding day. The main ceremony consist of mehndi (event of getting the bride ready for the special day), mayoon, wedding (Shaadi) and reception (valima), …show more content…
Before Mehndi was a ladies only event, but now is a mix event. When the wedding day arrives the bride is taken to a beauty parlor to get ready, when the bride is ready she's taken directly to the wedding venue. The bride's family is preparing to welcome the groom and this companions. The processing that the groom and his relative and friends make to the wedding venue is called Barat. The groom goes in a car decorated with flowers arrangements in the company of his parents, others follow in their own car or a charter van. When the reach the venue they are welcomed by the bride's siblings, relatives and friends how are waiting for them on the entrance with flower garlands and rose petals for their welcome. Men and women are seated separately in families with strong Islamic views, where as people who consider themselves modern prefer mix gathering. Nikha is the official act of Islamic wedding ceremony, where the bride and the groom sign an official document which is conducted by Islamic law, when the nikha ceremony is over dry fruits and mishri (unrefined sugar) are presented to the guests. Later the bride later joins the husband on the stage; where the guest can finally see the wedded couple for the first time together after begin pronounced husband and wife; While she's sitting on the stage she has head bow down due to respect. Teenagers gather around the couple to play games and pranks such as sister-in-law's