A Dining Experience Essay

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Yesterday I had the privilege of eating at a great Melbourne restaurant – Maha.
The food was exceptional but what I came away from the meal with was…. well it was an ‘experience’ and not just a ‘meal’. A number of things went into the 3 hours that we dined at Maha that stood out and left me pondering what I could learn from the success of this restaurant and apply to my own business.

Walking into Maha there was an immediate transformation that occurred that drew us into the experience.
Situated on a small and fairly ugly street filled with the back ends of buildings and car parks (I have to say I wasn’t expecting much of a place in this part of the city) – Maha’s fit out immediately created an impression that lasted for the rest of
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Instead of asking if everything was ok (often the way wait staff word this question) our waitress asked us what our favourite part of the meal was.
Couching the question by asking us for the best part of the meal was a pretty smart move as it shifted our minds away from parts we might not have enjoyed (not that there were any for me) and onto the best parts of the meal just as we were about to leave. We left pondering the good rather than what could have been better.
This also served as a great way for the staff to gather feedback on what was working – something that no doubt helps them to continue to improve what they do.
I also wonder whether asking this question set up some cues in our minds that might be repeated later as we discussed the meal with others. We’d already each said something good about the meal within seconds of completing it – perhaps that’d be what we’d say next time we spoke about the meal.
Lesson 6: Choreography/Process

As we drove home from Maha V and I both commented on how those behind the restaurant must have put some real thought into the experience that they offered those who dined with them. Having eaten in another of the restaurants owned by one of the owners we saw some patterns in some of what we’ve mentioned above.
Our experience didn’t just happen. Everything from the ways in which we were greeted, through to the small touches like the lemon