A Documentary Analysis Of A Small Community By Dennis Allen

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Film maker Dennis Allen focused on a small community up North called Fort McPherson and the popular radio station within its walls. CBQM acts as a central point within the community and utilizes the radio station to communicate with one another within the community of about eight-hundred peoples. CBQM acts as a binding mechanism to those within Fort McPherson and surrounding areas by weaving everyone's stories and thoughts together. What I enjoyed most about this documentary was that it was unconventional. The documentary does not include staged interviews with the people of the community being asked questions in a closed off room. The footage is comprised of the people in Fort McPherson engaged in the CBQM's real life operations. Allen follows the people of the community in their home lives, at work, or on the land all the while these people are listening to CBQM. What is most interesting is the way in which they are tied to sustainable self-determination and sustainable living within their tight knit community. The radio station itself is a form of sustainable living. It runs on the help of volunteers, therefore no money is being handed out to those coming on the station. It also offers the community a sense of democratic type governance; everyone has a say in what is done in the community and often call in to voice their opinions on the topic at hand. Another aspect that was thoroughly enjoyed throughout the film was the music the people on the station had played. There was live fiddle music as well as old country songs with very little lyrical styles. Allen has been quoted as saying "You're not going to hear Britney Spears on here, the music is more raw and emotional, it gets more pleasure from the listeners" (Interview with Northern News Service Online, 2009). I grew up in a small town and had never experienced anything like this community does for its people. Granted, we didn't have a radio