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Brandon Jordan Course of Study: Pharmacy Page 1 Brandon Jordan, A Glimpse of Me When I awake to the thunderous sound of my alarm clock, and frantically search for the snooze button, one thought comes to my mind: "Why am I awake?” The time is 5:30 AM; all is dark and silent, my fatigued body feels completely shattered of liveliness, and I struggle to open my eyes, while warm and cozy in my comfy bed. I am conquered with a feeling of sluggishness, "Maybe 5 more minutes will do the trick". Despite all my deliberation, and the bed's captivating pull, I still rise every morning at this profane hour to attend the football team’s strenuous training. Football requires the combination of the mind and body striving to reach your physical and mental limit while pushing your ounce of drive. Every day is fueled by a new obstacle, to match yesterday's utmost output of accomplished production. I have fought with this exhausting conflict since freshman year, when I first began my high school football career. Even though my morning doubts are persistently persuasive, I don’t surrender to them. Being smothered with pains, bruises and abundant tiredness, I do this because I made up my mind five years ago to be something great and successful in this sport. With great distractions out there in the world I chose to stay focused on my goal of achieving success at the game we call football. I do not work out to obtain a built physique or a slender frame, but to help me compete at the highest level and accomplish the goals set for myself, to be successful in football and in life. Yet this punishing training differs from a relaxing day at the beach while chilling under an umbrella, obviously. It’s a teaching tool to always keep my eyes focused at whatever I’m doing in my life. It continuously helps push me with the anguish to be the fastest and strongest, for both my team’s sake, and for my sake. Somehow with tireless drive and unflagging determination, I

Brandon Jordan Course of Study: Pharmacy Page 2 train through the loud sound of weight hitting the weary metal. I train with my football brethren with the awareness that we are all steadily reaching our goals. Goals of maintaining the

authority that football requires and its