A Global Sense Of Place Massey Analysis

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In “A Global Sense of Place,” author Doreen Massey argues that our definitions of time and space have changed as a result of globalization. The world as a whole is speeding up and spreading information faster than ever before. This new increased interaction between countries or groups of people, Massey states, “is a phenomenon which has been called ‘time-space compression.” Since we are able to spread our ideas quickly and efficiently, our senses of time and space have become smaller. Massey claims that all of this interaction has created questions about how humans can relate to the word “space.” Some people have begun to long for one cohesive place to call their own, and Massey says this “occasional longing” is “a sign of the geographical fragmentation…of our times.” While this longing may seem innocent, it has created reactionary nationalism and caused people to revert to old prejudices. Massey questions whether we will be able to create a …show more content…
Some argue that having a place to call home creates stability and a solid identity. However, Massey states, many view this way of thinking as “a form of romanticized escapism from the real business of the world.” Seeing places as escapes creates an introverted view of the world and creates boundaries between people. It does not take into account the interaction between groups that has been occurring for centuries. Massey argues that a “place” is the intersection of all the social relations between people. Rather than just a physical location, a city or community is “a meeting place.” This understanding of the social relations of people and how they form a sense of place for a group is what the definition should be. Layers of history and cultures and interactions create communities and give their uniqueness. This view creates the “global sense of place” that Massey says is so