A Good Man Is Hard To Find Theme Analysis

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Theme Analysis
In the short story “ A Good Man is Hard To Find,” Flannery O’Connor, employs the use of third person point of view. This point of view is critical in the description of the characters. The story is based on two important themes which are depicted through the character of Grandmother, Misfit, and Red Sammy. The plot starts while the grandmother explaining to her son, Bailey, to take his family on vacation in Tennessee because, Misfit, a convicted criminal with murder charges has escaped prison and is headed to Florida “…you have to take them to a different place so that they can see the broad world.” The setting of the story is in the American South, and a wide depiction of the lifestyle of this region is depicted in this text. This text is a great sample of Southern Gothic literature.
In the story, there is the theme of the discreet definition of a good man. Grandmother overuses the word "good," and this facilitates a vague definition of the "good man." This, in turn, makes the label of a good man to lose its meaning. When Red Sammy complains of the general untrustworthiness of the people, grandmother applies the label to him. When Sammy asks the grandmother how he could have allowed strangers to charger their
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These characters are depicted as sinful and have many weaknesses and flaws. From the theological perspective, God bestows Grace on anyone He pleases regardless of how sinful they are. In the story, grandmother is the least candidate who is eligible for receiving God’s grace. She does a lot of evil things including manipulating her son and lying to her children. Grandmother has got absolutely no self-awareness. When she develops the fear of what might happen to her, she starts changing the concept of Jesus rising form the dead to suit her needs. The Misfit is thus an unrepentant murderer and thus does not deserve the