A Gread Of Energy: A Amazonian Just For Awareness

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Timeline – Time after extinction from dinosaurs, the single cell organism grows within 2 years to full size which has a circumference of almost 25 feet circumference, but evolved to a much efficient form of glowing energy at 3 feet circumference, it can also be a source of fuel, but itself produces much more energy than the sun can produce. Its heat is concealed in a tiny core. It can transform itself into liquid when fuel is needed to be used. It is also having an ability to glow at night to keep you for seeing demons or scary beings. It eats dead matter, dirt, stale food, or mosquitoes, but it does not like to eat fresh food. Later it started developing tastes for any type of food, but it now mostly functions best on batteries – Liquid ion laptop battery. It had to mate with another glowing core of energy but it had evolved to self-reproduction. Since its offspring were almost going to destroy this universe, if it had continued to do dual reproduction. The cause of the destruction was two types of fuels were going to be united that were used as a formula for a nuclear bomb 700 times more powerful. And how we knew this, because it had been creating major destruction in the core, causing major global warming, and how we prevented it, we destroyed them by cooling them under very high pressure. It can generate many different colors. It can also change its shape from sphere to cuboid to diamond. It is mostly