A History of Religion Essay

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A History of Religion Learning Team B: Nikki Gibbs, Antonio Rodney, Deborah Saude, Dan Hugo, David Sullivan University of Phoenix History of Western Civilization to the Middle Ages HIS/112 Whitney Bell June 20, 2009

A History of Religion

When humans first became religious is unknown. What we do know is that religion has grown from carvings of rocks and paintings on cave walls into vast libraries of knowledge and magnificent structures of spiritual worship. We have gone from worshiping our ancestors to worshiping powerful deities and nature. Your beliefs have
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After Jesus who is called Christ, which the name Christian has origin, became the founder of Christianity. He was a miracle worker and of the Jewish race. His teachings were also based on the Torah. When Jesus followers would come by the multitudes to see him perform miracles and healings, he would teach to them a message of peace, charity, hope, and love. The Jewish beliefs were that a Messiah would come and restore the kingdom of David and deliver them from the rule of the Romans. Many of Jesus followers began to believe that he was that very Messiah. Other Jews believed that he was a fraud and was not the messiah or king of the Jews as some supposed. He became a figure of controversy. The Roman procurator Pontius Pilate began to believe that he was a threat to law and order. He didn’t wish to personally meddle in Jewish affairs, but became troubled by anyone who had the potential to cause political disturbance. He eventually ordered that Jesus be scourged and put to death by crucifixion. The crucifixion of Jesus appeased many, but his close followers not only continued his teachings but declared that he rose from the grave after three days and was seen by many which furthered proved their claim that he was indeed the Messiah. After this Christianity began to spread in Rome by the name of a man named Paul of Tarsus. Paul traveled throughout Asia Minor, Greece, and Rome spreading the Gospel of