A Letter On The Army National Guard

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Dear Tyler,

Tyler, through this letter I want to share a life changing event that benefited my life in many ways. I joined the Army National Guard and I believe that you will be a great candidate to become part of the Army National Guard as well. I know in the past you had a bad experience with the service and were medically discharged from the Marine Core due to your previous medical history. Your recruiter did not follow the proper steps for enlistments and you didn’t get back in. The army works different and you will have more options to succeed in life. I know times are hard, so let me be your advocate and help you better yourself. In the army there are a lot of great benefits, but the main ones that would really benefit you are: tuition reimbursement or paying back any student loans, you may qualify for a sign-on bonus, you can use that military experience in a civilian job, finally, you will learn how to be a great leader which will turn you into a better person. Tuition reimbursement is a great benefit to have. Nowadays, trying to afford college can be very difficult and stressful. Through the National Guard, you can earn up to six years of school which in the end is the equivalent to a master’s degree. In addition, if you have any pre-existing student loans the National Guard will help you pay them off. Having an education is very valuable considering that is starting to become the norm if you want move up the ranks. Sign –on bonus is another great benefit that you can take advantage of. These bonuses can range from 5,000 up to 20,000 dollars but of course there will be a tax deduction on the bonus. The only requirement is completing your six year commitment with the service. After your contract is over, you can re-enlist for an additional bonus. In the long run, this is a great way to make a quick chunk of cash. I benefited a lot from my bonus because I invested to make a good profit. Depending on what profession you pick in the service, it can benefit you in your civilian career. For example, if you join to be an Infantryman their duties are to raid buildings and enter and clear rooms. This is a great experience to have under your belt if you are trying to join the police force because you are being trained similar