A Letter On The City Council Of Glimmerville

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Concerned Citizen
City Council of Glimmerville
Date: 09/21/2014
To whom it may concern:
First let me start off by introducing myself my name is Nicole Santa Isabel I live on the Big Island of Hawaii. Currently a student for the University of Phoenix taking a course in environmental science when I came across Glimmerville and its concerns with Grass Carp. Sparksville’s aquatic ecosystem is also having issues with balancing the ecosystem. This letter is to bring some light and maybe provided some solutions to any issues Glimmerville may be facing.
Grass Carp is an herbivorous fresh water fish and was introduced originally from England. These fishes as we all know are famous for feeding on aquatic plants and in some cases have damaged a
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The disadvantage to this is a lot of the Grass Carps will possible perish in the process. Third separation of Grass Carps and other species in different habitats so that the other species may have a fighting chance.
Another great factor to use to prevent problems from evolving between different species. But the disadvantage is the possibility of Grass Carps still making into other habitats as they have been known to make it into other waters and lakes with ease. Four study their life styles to prevent unknown damage using Grass Carps to take care of the any unwanted plants in the water is an easy solution but it can also turn into a problem in the future. In this case I can only see a great advantage if you want to defeat something you master it and learn all you can about it. Learning about these types of species will help to balance the ecosystems in Glimmerville.
Restoring our ecosystem is important for our own survival and as we would hear in our younger years of the circle of life. From taking care of the environment to taking care of our wildlife all of these things work together to provided us with the means to survive. In Florida we see the over population and what Grass Carps were brought in for but later to realize it also brought a risk to other wildlife in the same habitat. Reading through my environmental class reading in found out what we may count as something harmless as a Water Hyacinth can take over an ecosystem for