A Letter To Harvey Milk By Lesléa Newman

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When I first read, “A Letter to Harvey Milk” by Lesléa Newman, I first wondered, how in the world can a man get off for killing two men? How can Twinkies be the reasoning for such a horrible crime? The documentary, The Times of Harvey Milk, shed some light on these questions. Dan White, the man who killed Harvey Milk and the Mayor, did only five and a half years in prison, for a crime that is meant to be life in prison. The junk food he ate so much of like Twinkies is what helped him plead for an insanity case, because a doctors believed that eating too much junk food could make you go crazy. Even though the documentary shed light on those two question it left me with more. For the big one is if you “get away with murder”, with an insanity case, how do you not spend a minute with a therapist, or any specialist to help you with you “mental problems.” …show more content…
Towards the end story, he has Harry Weinberg tell about his friend, Izzie, time in a concentration camp as a kid. As a Jewish kid he went into a camp, and lost his family, all he had was his best friend, Yussl. Nothing made sense I the order the Nazis were sending people off to the gas chamber, but he was able to stay with his best friend where they left. The Nazis would persecute someone in the camp mostly through a gas chamber. Reasons for getting sent to a gas chamber could be because they were too sick or too weak to do their labor