A Letter To Take Me Out Of Bloyee

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Mr. Turner, I am coming to you as your employee I have been with you for seven years and I love my job and I love what I do. But at this time I"m asking you to take me out of counting because I cant do the job that needs to be done in there with everyone blaming each other for this and that. I do understand why Mandy had to give me a note to file for running on Brandy’s number sing it off and back on that day. I just don’t understand why we was the only one that got wrote up. When Kelly was short that one day in there 300.00 dollars. Mandy told us that she had to star some where and she was doing it with us I my self ask her why Kelly didn’t get a note to file and she said that she would have to write everyone up for that I just don’t understand how that is when it was not our fault that that happen. And when the other tills was short 95.00 too how is it that my self and brand gets a note to file and no one ells dose. Mr.Turner I know that you have a job to do and I understand that sometimes people makes mistakes and to help them learn they have to be written up. And don’t get me wrong I will take this one because I know that I should not have run on Brandy number. But I also think that everyone that was short that week should have been wrote up. To me this is conflict of interest. I have came to you and told you about them being on my back well now I"m coming to you asking you to remove me out of there and also. About my paper work on Fridays I would like to be able to get that done on time but now that I have to work on Fri nights and accounting or customer care some on Fridays. I just cant do it maybe we need to get someone ells to do paper work if I cant have four hours every Friday to do this I do understand that customer comes first and I don’t care at all if I have to go down there and help when I am needed too. If that is all it was then I wouldnt never be behind