A Life For Another Life

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A Life for another Life…
Human are the chosen mammals with brain and strategies. They born, they grew older and survive throughout almost every sickness. According to Joseph Murray, the very first successful Kidney transplant, “None of this could have been done without animal experimentation”. Over 160 drugs and vaccines have been discovered thought animal testing including, blood transfusion, penicillin, kidney transplant, insulin, and vaccines for polio and meningitis. Animal testing is a way for human to survive early rottenness and live longer.
Louis Pasteur, a chemist, found the cure of Cholera by testing its bacteria on chicken. Cholera is an infection of the small intestine that causes a large amount of watery diarrhea. Pasteur performed his experiment on chicken for about a month and after few tries, he found its cure. With the help of animals, and the results of the research, new drugs and vaccinations have been developed for both human and animals.
Animal kingdom’s every species is unique; therefor many of them are related to human’s DNA. Research has worked with animal models that have biological system similar to that of a human. For instance, swine and humans share similar cardiovascular and skin systems. By working with swine, researchers have developed and study new heart medicines and treatments for skin diseases. To study genetic disorders such as Down syndrome or Parkinson’s disease, researchers studied a mouse model which shares 94% of its DNA with humans. By studying these animals we may learn how they accomplish these remarkable feats and apply the principles to human medicine.
Although, many people are against animal testing for medical and drug research, animal testing is necessary because there has been a lot of medical